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NZSBA Latest Developments: Essential Updates and Documents

Discover the latest developments within the New Zealand and Scandinavian Business Association (NZSBA) as we gear up for our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2023. In this post, we provide essential information and documents, including the minutes and president's report from the 2022 AGM, the official notice for the 2023 AGM, the upcoming agenda, the nomination form for the 2023 Executive Committee, and the financial statements for the fiscal year ending 30 June 2023. Stay informed and engaged with NZSBA as we continue to strengthen our business community ties and foster collaboration between New Zealand and Scandinavia.

Minutes 2022 AGM + Pres. Report (180822 final) (17201791.1)
Download PDF • 215KB

Exec. Ctee Nomination Form 2023 (2023 AGM) (17201877.1)
Download PDF • 103KB

Notice of AGM (2023 AGM) (17201827.1)
Download PDF • 127KB

Agenda 2023 AGM (2023 AGM) (17201844.1)
Download PDF • 101KB

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