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2020 AGM & Carbon responsibility update

The stars aligned for NZ leadership on climate change and carbon responsibility this week.

1. The govt announced NZ will be the 1st country globally to require the financial sector to report on climate risks.

2. And at New Zealand Scandinavia Business Association’s 2020 AGM, sustainability advocates Proxima Consulting captivated us – what carbon responsibility means to us all (corporates and individuals), and how do we start?

We loved their 5-step plan toward a carbon zero future – the answer made easy - and the interactive Mentimeter app.

New Zealand Scandinavia Business Association reduced its carbon footprint by hosting the event online, due to COVID-19 restrictions!

Huge thanks to our hosts Proxima Consulting, to Georgia-Rae Taylor, Stefan Rüegg (and Simon Harvey) for a stunning presentation, and as always, to New Zealand Scandinavia Business Association members and friends for their support.


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