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NZSBA Golf Day with Electrolux

NZSBA Golf Day with Electrolux

When: Thursday March 22nd 2018, 12.00 noon
Where: Waitemata Golf Club Devonport

Cost: $150 pp or $190 incl dinner


Register interest asap as spaces are limited:

Sponsorship opportunities to be out shortly.


Golf as a business model for individual effectiveness

Golf has been defined in many ways but is a sport with much more than being “a primitive way of farming with an important social function”. In a time of intense talk about and phenomenal breakthroughs in technological productivity golf is a good model for increasing personal productivity which seem to have been neglected for decades. Examples are how people use their time, how much time is used talking rather than doing, how people lack skills to use modern technology although young children seem to be of good help to many, how many knows how to create value from knowledge “Capacity to ACT (play golf) in a context” and personal quality. More and more people seem to live their awake hours as relays in networks, components known to half the content, double the noise and not adding any value.

Golf is a winning game like running a business where every player competes with themselves to improve individual performance. It highlights the mantra “I own the problem” and players can only blame themselves for failures and pat themselves on the back with their score cards, which they could start using also at work with spectacular results. Golf illustrates beautifully the effectiveness of back casting, planning backwards from where you want to be. When I started playing golf regularly three years ago I started practising putting in my lounge at home then progressed to a golf green and next step to the short game, hitting the golf ball from near the green to get close to the pin. If you master the short game and get down to using one put instead of two you can half you your starting handicap of 36 where I am now on 18.

I then progressed to further away from the green until I got to the tee using the driver. There is a saying “you drive for show and put for dough”. Most people start at the driving range and seem to have a common problem with consistent accuracy which I do not have. How much would your bottom line improve by higher accuracy and precision in what is being said and done.

Where ever the ball lands from the tee shot I recognise the position and know what to do because I have been there before on my way to the tee. That will increase the probability to reach my goal

Golf is a game that can be played by all persons reasonably fit and free from illness to a very mature age. A nine hole game will give you a 3 km walk in less than 2 hours, a good daily routine to improve and maintain better health. So golf is a highly social activity reinforcing continuous improvement of personal effectiveness and profitable habits whilst being cheered on by fellow players and caught when doing something right a key to high personal achievement. You could also get great pleasure and satisfaction by playing a round of golf on your own

Business of business is behaviour (habits), what is being said and done, and there is a direct link between the bottom line and profitable habits. If you wish to improve the bottom line watch and listen to what people do and say like watching how you hit the ball in golf not the score card (financial statements)

Hopefully this will inspire you to join with friends, family members, customers and/or suppliers for a game of golf and a social experience at the NZSBA Golf Day Thursday March 22, 2018 in support of Cure Kids.

Stig Ehnbom,

NZSBA Life Member

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