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Despite occupying opposite ends of the earth, New Zealanders and Scandinavians have a quest for quality of life and independence of thought. Our heritage of pathfinding enterprise has evolved from pushing boundaries of thinking and walking a different path to seek better outcomes.

Like every good partnership, we share common values. As small countries on the fringes of major markets, we have had to replace power and importance with specialization, ingenuity and entrepreneurship. Scandinavia, for instance, has carved out a worldwide reputation for global businesses operating at the forefront of design innovation and technology.
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Volvo Ocean Race Event

What an inspirational evening! Thanks Volvo for hosting us at the Volvo Ocean Race Experience. Amazing presentations from Frida Langenius, Volvo Ocean Race Project Manager and ocean race sailor Damien Foxall, from Vestas 11th Hour Racing  team, to a full house at the beautiful Volvo pavilion. Sustainability and Turn the Tide on Plastics were two memorable themes - let’s all support these important initiatives. Coby Duggan, Volvo NZ GM, our host and master mariner for the evening - a huge thank you from us all.

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Value partnerships?
Networking Opportunities? 
New Zealand Scandinavia Business Association welcomes you!

Our Vision is:
To create value for members by promoting partnerships between individuals and organisations in New Zealand and Scandinavia for the benefit of bilateral trade and good will.
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H & M Hennes & Mauritz NZ Ltd

We are thrilled to welcome Daniel Lattemann, Country Sales Manager for H & M, and staff to NZSBA and look forward to getting to know them and their iconic Swedish company, dating back to 1947.
Today H&M is still a Persson family run business comprising of over 4750 stores in 69 markets.
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The NZSBA “Hans and Pat Björklund Scholarship for studies in Scandinavia”

The criteria for this Scholarship is for the NZSBA to support and assist recipients who are interested in studies and or working experience in Scandinavia in subjects deemed important for cultural, political and / or business relationships between New Zealand and the five Scandinavian (Nordic) countries.
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